Dating guerlain by

I suggest getting the perfumes that look dark, syrupy and thick.

I find that these last a very long time when applied to the skin and the vanilla warms up nicely.

I read somewhere that Shalimar was created from mixing Jicky and vanillin.

The scent of Shalimar is deep and velvety black with the scent of lemon hinted medicinal vanilla.

As I get more in-depth with collecting I will be adding more.

Shalimar was just one of the most confusing when trying to figure out how much to pay for a bottle! I just saw this thread, and clicked through to your blog post.

This feminine scent contains a blend of bergamot, lemon, patchouli and is accented with vanilla, sandalwood and musk making Shalimar perfect for evening use.

Online shops offers: Fragrance 9 items for 2.09 - 54.59 6 items for 25.95 - 63.50 GBPFragrance EUR 6 items for 29.47 - 108.77 EURFragrance 6 items for 32.99 - 121.77 USDStrawberry EUR 4 items for 52.50 - 84.00 EURStrawberry 4 items for 55.00 - 88.00 USDView products... The face of perfume is the movie star Hilary Swank, the Oscar-winner for the main role in the 'Million Dollar Baby' film.

By the way, you say in that section that the amphore by Pochet du Courval came with a ground glass stopper until 1978 and then changed to a plastic screwcap.

I noticed the prices on e-bay are all over the map, and I was trying to buy a few bottles, and couldn't find any definitive information anywhere on how to figure out dates for Shalimar bottles, so I created a guide.

learned a lot while creating it, and I can now date bottles much more easily!! And, if anyone has bottle photos or information to include please let me know!

Guerlain has become known not least for its bottles and packaging, which are oeuvres as captivating and detailed as the scents themselves, and now it's impossible to think of L'Heure Bleue without its romantic heart-shaped stopper bottle, Shalimar without the Art Deco vase, or Chamade without its Venus seashell.

According to Jean-Jacques Guerlain, Jean-Paul Guerlain's father and one of the company's managers, the idea of presenting perfumes in beautiful crystal bottles was not least inspired by Coty's exquisite flacons.


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