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Despite the different semblance that the mark on the underside of the objects assumed over time, it always remained recognisable: the symmetrical shape is the result of two concave upward curves, the convex indents on the sides and the lines flowing in and out towards the tip at the bottom. The continuous changes to the style and heraldry of the shield are a reflection of the 260 years of the manufactory's history. As with valuable Aubusson tapestries or papers with watermarks, Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg's mark possesses the status of a seal of quality.It is a guarantee of the highest production quality and is recognised throughout the world as Nymphenburg's mark.Printed marks transferred from engraved copper plates at the time of decoration.Most 19th-century marks are printed, often in blue under the glaze when the main design is also in underglaze are several general rules for dating ceramic marks, attention to which will avoid several common errors.

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Items of crockery are given a three- to four-digit model number as well as a single-digit size number.

William Moorcroft founded his own pottery company in 1913.

He worked as a potter prior to that starting in 1897 when he went to work for James Macintyre & Company Ltd.

Incised into the still soft clay during manufacture, in which case the mark will show a slight ploughed-up effect and have a free spontaneous appearance.

Impressed into the soft clay during manufacture, many name-marks such as 'Wedgwood' are produced in this way from metal or clay stamps or seals. Painted marks, usually name or initial marks, added over the glaze at the time of ornamentation, as were some stencilled marks.


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