Constitutional and administrative law updating supplement

More than half of the third edition is devoted to advocacy, including an explanation of the presentation of evidence in an administrative context.

The text describes the different functions, characteristics, and procedures of various key tribunals under municipal, provincial, and federal legislation.

“An excellent, comprehensive textbook and piece of reference, suitable for students and academics researching in the subject alike.” Prof.

Christ Church students - Enter the three letter prefix and the first eight digits of your student number. The wide-ranging constitutional reforms which have characterised much of the Labour government since 1997 have not slowed since the publication of the previous edition in 2006. Written by two experts in the field, Constitutional and Administrative Law is highly regarded for its comprehensive and authoritative coverage of this rapidly changing area of the law.In the new fifteenth edition, the authors analyse these changes while maintaining a focus on essential legal principles bringing detailed analysis and illuminating insight to students of constitutional and administrative law.A staple recommendation on undergraduate and postgraduate law courses throughout the UK, Constitutional and Administrative Law is also used by practising lawyers, political scientists and public administrators.This pack contains a copy of Constitutional and Administrative Law, 15e by Bradley and Ewing (9781405873505) as well as Constitutional and Administrative Law Updating Supplement, 2e by Bradley and Ewing (9781447923817).


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