Cheat codes for love hina dating sim

Since each elf has a different personality, figuring out which stats to boost is part of the challenge.Some of the stats that players have to work on boosting include charm, strength, magic and romance.Repeat this at least twelve times and you should have 6,000 relationship points. Post navigation, next Post » Dating site like plenty of fish.Its so different, in elf girl dating sim cheats, that. Warning: These cheats are subject to spoil the game.Category: Dating Games Description: In this dating sim, you become the new manager at the Hina Inn.Date all of the crazy and beautiful girls at the inn…in between fighting them, but make sure they don’t find out about one another. Increase your charm, intelligence and magic and learn new fighting skills. Once you have found the girl you like become exclusive with her to win.The Sims: Hot Date (PC release Region: United Kingdom Release Date: November 23, 2001 Publisher: Electronic Arts.

Take her to the Sleeping Forest (v2.8 only; do not bother hiring the car).

“Love Hina SIM Date RPG” uses characters from the popular anime and manga series “Love Hina.” Although the game is based on these characters, it has little to do with the actual series itself.

There were official games that went along with the “Love Hina” universe, including a Game Boy Color game called “Love Hina Pocket” and a Sony Play Station game called “Love Hina 1: Ai wa Kotoba no Naka ni”.

This game may feature some nudity and bad language and is recommended for older players only.

This page contains Love Hina Sim Date cheats list for PC version.


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