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On stationary treatment in a hospital, before extensive ambulatory treatment or stationary diagnostic and therapeutic treatment, as well as prior to the release of a payment acknowledgment, please contact the emergency assistance centre without delay:24 hour emergency hotline: Telephone 49 (0) 89 6 24 24 – 4 96Telefax 49 (0) 89 6 24 24 – 2 46Together with your insurance contract you will receive treatment documents to hand over to the doctor in case of an incident.Please hand over the treatment papers before the actual treatment begins.If there are any questions left please call us or send an e-mail out of the office times.Perfect for foreign: Accident insurance: Invalidity: 40,000 € Total invalidity: 140,000 € Accidental death: 10,000 € Recovery costs: 5,000 € Spa costs: 1,500 € Personal liability insurance: 1 million € flat rate for personal injury and damage to property The benefits of the tariff are limited to acute, curative treatments of newly occurred diseases."A company could also use the toy to advertise directly to the child or the parents," it said."Moreover, if the manufacturer has not adequately protected the wireless connection, the toy can be used by anyone in the vicinity to listen in on conversations undetected." The agency added that it would "inspect other interactive toys and, if necessary, will take further action".At Tom Tom, we're all about helping you get around.

The agency warned that anything a child says, or other people's conversations, could be recorded and transmitted without parents' knowledge.

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Every foreign person receives with his or her contract documents the “certificate for administration” which is used at the foreign office to renew the visa.

The contracts can be closed online and normally the customers receive their documents at the same day.


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