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“The problem with the ‘iamnotaslut’ hashtag is that it creates a line,” she explains.

“[It says,] ‘I’m a valid spokesperson on this but women who have lots of sex are not.’” Fluke is such a sympathetic character in part because her testimony — contrary to Limbaugh’s bizarre interpretation — wasn’t about sex; it focused on women who need birth control for reasons other than pregnancy prevention (specifically, polycystic ovarian syndrome and endometriosis).

In their day, their precursors were considered (by tools like you and those you quote) to be the nuts.

I plan to treat everybody with respect, and not make snap judgements about a person's character due to their appearance.Slut shaming is the act of "criticising a woman for her real or presumed sexual activity, or for behaving in ways that someone thinks are associated with her real or presumed sexual activity".Slut shaming is institutionalized in school systems through sometimes arbitrary dress codes and sexualizes young girls into thinking that clothing determines one's sexual actions.At the time, I didn’t even know what the word “trafficking” meant.I would have guessed it had something to do with the flow of automobiles or people, but had no idea about the process through which millions of human beings are moved into systems of slavery and exploitation, including prostitution.the protest caused controversy, in part because many were wary to associate themselves with the word slut.” She continues, “Remarkably, thanks to Limbaugh’s ignorant vitriol, we’re seeing a marked change in that wariness.” That said, in identifying with Sandra Fluke, the target of Limbaugh’s rant, some women have instead chosen to distance themselves from the term, which perfectly illustrates how complicated reclamation can be. Jessica Scott, an Army officer who started the hashtag, tweeted, “I am a 35 year old mother of 2, an Army officer who has deployed.


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    Look, I'm all for gender equality, as long as women know their place.30.

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