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If you instead want to know what number day of the year it is you can use the are usually chosen by a calendar, but this is a calendar-specific choice.If you provide inconsistent information, calendar-specific disambiguation is performed (which may involve ignoring one or more of the parameters).The latest dates for Orthodox Easter between 18 are, 25 April 1983 and 25 April 2078.Both dates are equivalent to May 8 in the Gregorian Calendar.

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You use calendar objects to convert between absolute times and date components such as years, days, or minutes. It provides data for several different calendars, including Buddhist, Gregorian, Hebrew, Islamic, and Japanese (which calendars are supported depends on the release of the operating system—check the Day, week, weekday, month, and year numbers are generally 1-based, but there may be calendar-specific exceptions. Some calendars may have to map their basic unit concepts into the year/month/week/day/… The particular values of the unit are defined by each calendar and are not necessarily consistent with values for that unit in another calendar.

Number of odd days in 97 years ( 24 x 2 73) = 121 = 2 odd days.

You have the option to select any year below by typing in the year, using four digits. The calendar you choose will show holiday and observance dates relevant to the country you selected.

The value of This gives you the absolute components for a date.

For example, if you ask for the year and day components for November 7, 2010, you get 2010 for the year and 7 for the day.


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