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Common words and phrases are replaced with a group of numbers and letters, and any remaining text is encoded character by character. The receiver then looks up each group in the corresponding code book and reassembles the message.An additional level of security can be added by enciphering the code groups themselves; this is called superenciphering.We're told the new couple isn't yet "that serious" ...but even if they were, Bella's playing the victim card way too hard.

Book ciphers work like this: The sender composes his message and then consults the code book.“I just want to inform people not to get discouraged.” He advises guys to take an actual “no” seriously, but maybe not to immediately give up on seeking the woman of their dreams. “But don’t cross the line of stalking.” Sounds complicated?Omar says breaking the female code can be intimidating for some guys.However, if she’s a “new” friend of yours, a colleague at work or social acquaintance, you may feel that the bond between you and your “friend” is not as strong and therefore, he’s fair game.Either way, examine your motives for even considering dating a friend’s ex.Selena Gomez isn't buying Bella Hadid's friendship heartbreak after the singer scooped up The Weeknd ...


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