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The ban hits all of the 89 million internet users in the country.

Without a way of getting access to the app, Brazilians are instead switching to rival app Telegram in their millions.

Brazil has long been seen as a beacon of internet freedom, but has been increasingly restricting internet connections in recent months.

A big shout out to our friends around the web who have picked up our original story where we revisited Arthur Zanetti, Sergio Sasaki, and Arthur Nory from the 2012 Olympics, and their real gold medal performance.

Even through the grainy videos, some things are too big not to see.

The park will also boast a ‘sex playground’ complete with a water slide, an ambiguously named ‘train of pleasure’, and an erotic sculpture park. Actually having sex in the theme park is strictly prohibited.

Instead of the usual pretzels and ice creams, snack shacks will serve up aphrodisiac treats. If all the sex chat and rollercoasters get people too riled up, they’ll need to go to a nearby hotel. There’s also a slight risk that backlash from the Christian Socialist Party – which leads the Piracicaba City Council – could put a halt on the theme park being built.


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