Brad virata jp calderon dating

Are the rumors true that you dated gay “Survivor” cast member Brad Virata, the Filipino-Hawaiian hottie?

Sure, I would sneak up to West Hollywood every now and then to go out, but was always very closeted and very careful, to prevent from being exposed.' And even when he worked at a gay bar, he told everyone he was straight. Internet gossip sites went into overload, especially when he appeared last summer on Survivor: Cook Islands ( shown on CBS ) . *His roommates now are a professional volleyball player and a member of the U. ' I don't have a lot of gay friends, just a handful. *He dated a Long Beach women's volleyball player. *His Hispanic family was religious and the men of the family, namely his dad and uncles, were playboys, he admits. ' I don't live in a stereotypical gay world,' said Calderon, 31, who still lives in Long Beach.But as Calderon stressed over coming out, a different side of Dickinson emerged: compassionate and encouraging. Earlier this week, Calderon phoned the Dallas Voice offices to discuss modeling techniques, hitting on overly handsome dudes and sizing up the fierce diva who runs his modeling agency. and then California State University, Long Beach, where he played for the school's nationally ranked men's volleyball team.


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