Asian men dating latino women

I have no idea, but from the crop of Asain men I know..(Which may be totally irrelvant because they're all engineers! I have heard Asians and Indians say thier families would hate them if thy dated outside thier race.

We’ve been together 6 years now and his mom admits she was not happy at all. Comparing men of other races (dated most) I find Latinos most open to dating and marrying bw. The moms don’t like it but worship their sons and want them happy.

So, we all get lumped together by region and vague decent.cherrybl0ss0m, You should check out the California Bay Area, specifically East Side San Jose where the population is pretty much Asian and Hispanic.

Although I've seen more Hispanic men and Asian women couples I can assure you as an Asian man we love Hispanic women.thanks for the insight, Puppet Princess.

Pop culture representations of Asian people are very one dimensional: nerdy guys with no girlfriends.

And asian men are rarely portayed in pop culture as "sexual beings" in any form (unless they are trying to make fun of them), usually asian men are seen as asexual.


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