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They have actually been together for over two decades, but didn't tie the knot until October 2011.

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Definitely a kiss, and I’m sure they’re dating now b.

Definitely a kiss, and I’m sure they’re dating now I've always thought they were dating. Anyway I have tons of male friends and none of them gets all up in my face like that. I guess what I'm saying is I could see these two getting married some day.

A its pretty obvious after seein their tweets smth is in the air between these 2 🙂 and its really good Angie is a good mature lovely educated girl and Rob i think he finally got more mature n has a work !! but wht is strange n akward 2in1 tht Simmon's sisters were really close with Adrienne …and now no single tweet between them…so its like love broke a frienship between Angela n Adrienne? And on Daddy's Girls Ang said she was hoping she would be married by 20.

We all would be lucky to have such a supportive partner." We know Ang hangs with Rob's sisters Kim. I think its cool they are hanging out with each others families.

Uncle Rush tweeted a couple wks ago he talked to "Angela's boyfriend and he is a nice guy.


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