Alaska native women dating

Subsistence uses of wild resources exist alongside other important uses of fish and game in Alaska and are especially important for most rural families, who depend on subsistence hunting and fishing as sources of nutrition and cultural practices.

An estimated 36.9 million pounds of wild foods are harvested annually by rural subsistence users.

Reed’s initial interest in Alaska fisheries issues was in the late 80’s when the Legislature considered licensing sport fishing guides.

There is some controversy surrounding the names used to describe these peoples: they are also known as American Indians, Indians, Amerindians, Amerinds, or Indigenous, Aboriginal or Original Americans.

Some of these other indigenous peoples in the United States, including the Inuit, Yupik Eskimos, and Aleuts, are not always counted as Native Americans, although the US Census 2000 demographics listed "American Indian and Alaskan Native" collectively.

The last option -- s:sources will probably be the most productive.

Central Michigan University Native American Material in the Michigan Pioneer and Historical Collections : An important but often overlooked Native American resource.


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