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As for that annoying ex that keeps coming around, 73 per cent are not for it.In terms of lying, however, there’s a bit of a grey area.Seinfeld may have taken his dating preferences to the (hilarious) extreme, but we all have our own dealbreakers when it comes to dating.And while we might know what works and doesn’t work for us, we may not know what others are looking for — or not looking for — in their potential future partner.You hear a lot about how difficult it is to date in Charleston. I e-mailed them a couple weeks ago and asked them to tell me which behaviors their dates often think are hot/normal/acceptable, but tend to end things before they get started. Rabid sports behavior ("Having a team is okay, planning your life around the games makes us want to jump off a bridge.").

If anyone is notorious for having a picky dating life, it’s Jerry Seinfeld.

While it’s a “nice bonus” for 47 per cent of women to have a partner who stays in shape, only 21 per cent say it’s a “must have.”Dating a cheapskate is not an option for more than three-quarters of women, nor is dating a man who still lives with his parents as 52 per cent of women give that a big thumbs down.

Smoking is also a major turnoff as only 31 per cent consider the bad habit “tolerable.” However, only 29 per cent of women would go as far as to give their partner an ultimatum to quit.

These are cultural products that someone can profess to enjoy only while losing all of your respect. They preface it with all this stuff about how they thought it was dumb before they read it, and how it really made them think about some stuff that happens in the world. I can’t even sit out the rest of the conversation—my eyes glaze over and I start avoiding eye contact, which is probably the same way I’d react if someone confessed to being in a bloodthirsty murder cult.

I’ve read some Rand, though admittedly not her two masterworks.


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    Not content to judge their daughter’s relationship with ‘Matt’ on pictures alone, Emily’s parents permitted the internet friendship only after first checking that Emily’s crush wasn’t actually some predatory older man posing as a teenager.